The Challenge on Wheels

Guillermo Ling

The Challenge on Wheels

Guillermo Ling

The Challenge on Wheels

Force is not a muscle nor a detectable organ in human anatomy. However, to live it is necessary to have the ability to carry loads and to withstand impacts, and also to endure setbacks.  

In an invisible place between the mind and the heart, perhaps in the soul, dwells the strength that allows us to move forward and achieve goals.

“The Challenge on Wheels” is the story of Guillermo Ling, whose life changed in the blink of an eye: as a result of a random event, he was left in a wheelchair.

Unlike Hercules, a mythological figure famous for his vigor and energy, Guillermo did not confront the Nemean Lion or kill the Cretan Bull. However, he has had to endure many obstacles, and he has succeeded. As the philosopher Seneca, the representative of Stoicism, rightly said: “Only in adverse fortune can the great lessons of heroism be found”.

These pages collect the memoirs of whom, without being able to walk, will inspire others in the same circumstances. At the end of the steep path he had to travel, Guillermo would leave tracks… not with his footsteps, but with his actions.

Guillermo L. Ling

The Challenge on Wheels” is a story of personal improvement written by the journalist and writer Melanny Hernández R.

She narrates the story of Guillermo L. Ling, a Venezuelan engineer and business person based in the USA, who, after having suffered a car accident, more than three decades ago, lost the ability to walk.

The literary work describes the process of transformation and overcoming obstacles in the life of Guillermo, in a wheelchair.

The aim of “The Challenge on Wheels”, is to encourage people in the same situation as Guillermo to see beyond their limits and to find a motivation to move forward and achieve a life with purpose.

Likewise, Guillermo’s wish is to give a percentage of the book’s sales to foundations that help people with disabilities in his native Venezuela. Also, he wants to promote the inclusion of these people in society.


The Challenge on Wheels

Guillermo Ling shares his memoirs of how he has successfully faced the greatest challenge of his life, living in a wheelchair for more than 34 years.


Excellent story of great motivation! If you want to start crying for any ups and downs on your way, I recommend you to read this book so that you desist from giving up if you ever thought about it!

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Motivational and positive!

The story was inspirational, it was sad but made me feel happy because at the end Guillermo was able to achieve what he always dreamed. A very hard dream but his hard work and support from his wife and family made him accomplish it. Life has no limitations if you work hard and believe in yourself.

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Ivonne Flaherty

You can do and be whoever you want in life, there are no limits.

Very inspiring book, I was amazed by the biography of Guillermo. In this book I learned how not to give up in life no matter the size of the problem, there’s always a way to fight it back.

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Very inspiring book

The sky’s the limit for this optimistic wheeler. Tenacity and strength to achieve goals. A book that makes you ask what you have done with your life and what you need to do. Two great love stories. I recommend it

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There are no excuses to waste time

Amazing!!! Loved it

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It will touch you and inspire you!

Excellent book and very inspiring

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Excellent, inspirational!!!

Very inspiring. As its writer says: “Strength does not belong to those who break down walls, but to those who know how to take advantage of them, transform and rise above them”.  

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There are no excuses, no limits!

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